Replacement for dead R3000

I understand that the Epson Stylus Photo R3000 has been discontinued and that its replacement is the
Epson SureColor P600 Inkjet Printer. Do you know if the carts are compatible? Should I consider a used Epson R3000 or go with the replacement? I have an investment in r3000 carts now.

While the carts are physically compatible, the chips are not the same for the P600. Because the chips are not built perfectly, we decided that the best way forward for the P600 was a CISS system so that there was no risk of a cart going empty without alerting the user.

So we sell a P600 CISS.


Another aspect to consider is that Piezography is not yet supported with the P600, only Cone Color (Walker correct me if I’m wrong). So if you need Piezography you need to go for a used or refurbished R3000.