Replacement Chips

I have a gifted R3000 that arrived with some clogged heads. Some Piezoflush and a bit of manual labor and the clogs cleared. I loaded up a set of Special Edition ink using cartridges that I had purchased several years ago. They got new batteries a few months back and everything looked great.

The printer sat a few weeks unused and when I got ready to run some prints I started getting an error that I needed to turn off the printer. I checked the waste tank counter and even added an external bottle, but the counter was only at 30% and nothing changed.

I was getting nowhere until I replaced all of the cartridges with the ones I used for flushing, which have the new chips. They gave me no problems so I started replacing them one at a time with the older cartridges, and I discovered the yellow cartridge was at fault. I swapped the chips and everything worked. A day or so later the very light magenta did the same thing and a chip swap fixed it as well.

I replaced the battery in the yellow chip and tried again, but the same error appeared. This leads me to believe that the chip may just have finally died. And finally, the question.

Is is possible to buy a set of replacement chips? The new style is OK, as I have the chip resetter that I use on my 4800.


The 4800 chip resetter won’t work on the R3000 ARC chips.

But yes, you can get replacement R3000 chips. They are here: Replacement Chips for Epson R3000