Replace qtr

will get the test samples out to you in next day or two. do have another question- when i first downloaded qtr for piezio and the qtr print tool i was only charged for the tool. soon realized needed to pay for both. so went back on sight and found how to pay for qtr. did so and a new file was sent to my download. can i just drop this into old file and it auto replace old? what is the best way to do this or does it need to be done at all? will

Hi Will~

Sorry for not responding sooner, my computer suddenly crashed last week and I finally just got a new one set up (and luckily didn’t lose any of my data in the crash).

Roy Harrington supports the QuadTone RIP and QTR Print Tool directly, so he is better suited to answer your QTR related questions, but when in doubt, I always recommend a complete uninstall and fresh install to make sure everything is working properly.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: