Replace dampers on epson 4800



Hi Dana-As you know from my past posts, I have been having nothing but clogging problems with my 4800.All that is left to try is to change the dampers which I have purchased.However, the ink lines and tapes on the inside of the printer make me nervous only because I do not know sequence and how to remove them. Can you direct me to a video etc. to follow or have you performed the change yourself and can direct me. Any help would be appreciated–I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON THE PRINTER SINCE THEY ALL HAVE CLOGGING PROBLEMS SOONER OR LATER.


EDIT: I found the info. I needed on U-Tube Part1 and 2 explains all you need to know and I have changed the dampers on my Epson 4800.


Hi Frank~

For instructions to replace dampers in your Epson 4800 printer, you will need to follow the Epson repair manual, which you can get from
I know others have posted helpful videos on YouTube, but we have not made videos that show printer repair or component replacement.

From my own experience, I can tell you the process will go easier if you thoroughly read the procedure (or watch the video) before starting to get an idea of what’s involved, and use a magnetized screw driver. I like to keep screws/parts together to know what goes with what to avoid confusion when putting it back together, so use small plastic bags to tape screws to parts they go with.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thanks Dana- I replaced the dampers and is there anything else I can do once I have the print head upside down and the damper cover off ? Are there any lines I can clear or stick a fine wire etc. into for any reason. There are 8 nozzles in the cover that fit into the exposed damper holes before screwing the cover down. I have not run a nozzle check yet to see if the new dampers were any help. Also, I really think my last three carts are defective since the Epson screen keeps asking me to reset the carts even though I replaced the readout plates on each cart - I know I am using the wrong terminology. The printer only proceeds to “ready” when I apply inward pressure on the on the carts.This really makes printing a chore instead of an enjoyable and creative experience.
Best regards–Frank



With dampers disconnected, you can manually clean the print head using our desktop print head cleaning kit and PiezoFlush solution to gently flush out the print head micro-channels, then carefully wipe the bottom print head surface with a high quality Bounty paper towel and/or soft sponge tips (like these:
It’s always a good idea to thoroughly clean the printer when replacing parts such as dampers- clean the capping station, flushing box, wiper blade and print head by following our cleaning procedures:

By “readout plates” do you mean the cartridge chips? If the cartridges are correctly recognized by your printer when you push the back of the carts, then it may be an issue of the cartridge chips and printer’s chip sensors not having a good connection. After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the 4800 refillable carts about two years ago. When did you install these carts into your printer? I see you purchased replacement chips for the LM, LC and LLK positions, so assume those are the carts that are displaying errors- correct?

Please let me know so I can help resolve your cartridge errors.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: