Replace Cartridge Forever 9880


I have been running Cone Color inks in this printer for a many years, and have not had the trouble that I am finding the last couple of days. When I turn on the printer, after it goes through its warm up protocol, it will indicate that one of the cartridges needs to be replaced. This is not that unusual - every once in a while, one cartridge seems to fail some test. I take it out, put it back in, and all is well. Or, I might use the Chip Resetter, then put it back, and it is fine. But this time the whack-a-mole game has gotten extreme. I address the cartridge in question, and another cartridge - sometimes (but not usually) on the other side of the printer will now be the troubled one. At some points, it will give me the “Replace Cartridge” notice, but not indicate which cartridge is the problem.

I have unplugged the machine and let it rest before restarting. I have reset each chip, and the maintenance tanks, too. But nothing lets me get pass the “Replace Cartridge” road block. Twice, it got me to the window that asks me if am willing to accept that my warrantee is void, and I breathed a sigh of relief - that is always been a good sign. But not this time - it just goes back to a “Replace Cartridge” signal.

Any next steps?

Thank you -David

I have, for years, at different times, had some or all of these issues with 9880…hope your post will lead to some useful ways to resolve this frustrating/frustrating/frustrating occasional event.


So, the resolution of this - at least for now: I unplugged the printer for two full days. I then used the chip resetter on every chip, one by one. And miraculously, it accepted all cartridges, and has continued to work.

I think it is possible that on a dry day, wearing clothes that tended to static, I touched the printer and had some pretty big static shocks. I wonder if that scramble the motherboard, microprocessor- whatever. After I unplugged it and reset the chips, perhaps it started anew. Anyway, I am relieved.