Removing the Epson 9900 "printed paper" sensor?

While using an Epson 9900 printer at the workshop to print Gloss Overprint, you pointed out that a couple of sensors needed to be removed from the printer to allow for this (otherwise the printer rejects already-printed paper). Can you please confirm for me which sensors to remove? I have taken off the cover, and attached is a photo of what I think are the sensors. Do I remove the two that are at the top, where the three-screw plate is? Or do I need to dig deeper for one that would be attached further down inside the printer?

Remove the two sensors from the mettle flange. Keep them connected but outside of the paper feed area to the right of the printer.


Perfect, thank you. Yes, I remember you had them still connected and affixed to the outside of the printer.

Hi Walker,

Any possibility that you will give additional info on how to remove the sensor?

Is there an email list I can join to receive news items like this?



The instructions manual is very far down on the list of things to do. For now, it lives at this thread but we will make a video at some point in the future.