Removing conecolor ink from printed canvas

I have a few wrapped canvases which a customer wants me to remove the ink on the edge of a wrapped canvas. Do you know of a cleaner or solvant that will remove dry conecolor off the printed edge?
Thank you

Windex takes ink off skin and plastics. I assume it’s really the ammonia in the Windex doing the work. But my guess is any solvent will wick along the canvas fibers and ruin the front of the print and it would take a lot of work to remove it fully from the edges even if it didn’t. Why not reprint it, or frame it to hide the sides?

Ammonia is strongly basic and I would expect it to damage the paper itself. You wouldn’t notice the damage for several days to weeks.

When I worked in a chemistry lab, if I dropped a base onto paper, I would notice an actual hole in my paper a few weeks later. If this is for a customer, I would advise against using ammonia.