Removing and storing InkThrift CL EasyFill cartridges



I have used a couple of sets of these capsule/key cartridges with good results but lately have had a stubborn clog. I removed these so I could install a set of cleaning cartridges, using a brand new set of IJM refillable carts containing Piezoflash. Now normally when pulling a set of carts it’s been recommended here to put some tape over the vent holes and place the carts in a ziplock bag. But where I’m stuck is how do I put tape over the capsule’s air vent, it’s hidden by the key. It doesn’t seem practical to pull out the capsules, cover the air vents, and stow the capsules in a bag without the key. Or am I being lazy?!

So far I’ve only done the procedure once, putting the capsule/key carts in a bag and running a few cleaning cycles with the Pieozflush cartridges. I didn’t see much improvement in my nozzle checks, but I’ve also read here to give it 24 hours. And it may take several 24 hour sessions to clear the clogs. Meanwhile… are my capsule/key carts drying up, with the air vent uncovered? They are at least protected with a ziplock bag.

Just as an aside… I found the markings on the capsule a little confusing… shouldn’t the label’s arrow point to the air vent? And it’s not really a “protective plug”, is it? (picky, picky, I know!)

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Related to storage, simply grouping the capsules together and placing in 1 plastic bag will do just fine.

That is indeed a miss-label! Thanks for the post, this will be fixed shortly.

We are coming out with an entirely new small format cartridge design shortly.



Thanks, Walker… um, just to be clear, shouldn’t [I]grouping the capsules together [/I] read [I]capsules and keys[/I]. Boy, I’m on a tear, aren’t I? :slight_smile:

A little OT: seems I saw somewhere on IJM a way of harvesting remaining ink in those capsules but I can’t find it. I’m saving my almost empty capsules in hopes of salvaging that pricey fluid…

Looking forward to the new cartridge design… sounds very interesting. Care to give us an approximate date to begin looking for it?




They should be in to us by next week. I do a QC and then it goes to our warehouse for fulfillment. Another half week for that. So 1 1/2 weeks. Sorry for the delay,


That’s not a bad wait, Walker, thanks!



Edit: more information coming. There may be a longer delay on the 1430 specific carts. I will get back to you by private message tomorrow when I know more.



So, there will be different carts for the 1430 and the 1400? I thought these printers were essentially the same, except for the wireless feature. Interesting… !




There was another delay due to printing (again). I’ll report on this soon.