Remapping K channel to LLK channel

On a Stylus Pro 4880, using Piezography K7, my K channel has a “permanent” clog. The LLK channel is unused (with a PiezoFlush cart in it). For the time being, I would like to swap these. I understand this can be done by text editing some quad files. Can you get me started with this? Or is it better to order a new set of curves?

Here’s the video:


I saw that video. A couple of questions:

  1. Can I edit the K7 curves the same way?

  2. Do I need to edit all curves for every paper I use, or just edit a master curve?

  3. Will the system recognize a new, renamed folder with edited curves?

  4. Will I need to create new printers?


Any curve you use.

Best thing to do is to name the curves at the end something like (K-to-LLK) so you know these are the remapped ones. Keep them in same folder and run install command again (if on Mac, otherwise just keep them in same folder).