Remapping Curve issue


I have been struggling with remapping a damaged cyan channel to the orange channel on my 4900. I followed directions to remap the JonCone #5 curve for the k7-HDNU inks. But when I look at the curves in curve view, these are what I get. The first screen shot is the Remap. Orange should be where Cyan was. But LtBlack has a downward spike instead. The second screen shot is the original curve for the JonCone #5 paper. This is also happening with my DN curves.

Cone Type 5 remap
Cone Type 5
Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? Curve Quad (7.6 KB)

For some strange reason you are missing a zero on the original curve at the end of the LLK channel. Add arrow before # OR Curve and type a “0”. This should all then work.


That worked for using a Mac but I still could not get it to work with the Windows 10 machine. Confused because they are the same curves. For some reason, the Qtrqui is not working like the Print tool in Mac.

I basically gave up on the PC and am using a Mac now.