Relinearization with Colormunki

I have been interested in trying to relinearize my piezography curves, but I just can’t justify the i1. The Canadian price for the Colormunki dropped sufficiently so that I got one, however, a description of the workflow for the Colormunki seemed non-existent. I have found several posts here and there asking if relinearization is possible, with less than satisfying answers. I have worked out a workflow that does work. It is not likely as good or efficient as what IJM has developed. However, I figure that those using a Colormunki are probably not interested in fine tuning to that degree. Those who are into Piezography at a professional level, I assume you have an i1, or at least know what you are doing. I worked out a workflow for the newbies, like me. I hope this helps a few people.

Munki Workflow.pdf (36.8 KB)


Hi Larry,

Thanks for your effort. I wanted to let you know that we have a professional level set of linearization tools that does support the ColorMunki including 51 and 129 step targets. I think these will benefit you. Please check out PIEZOGRAPHY PROFESSIONAL EDITION



PPE notwithstanding, there are tools and well-documented procedures around for working with the various QTR droplets, if you have an i1. People on a tight budget typically buy a Munki instead, but there is not much documentation for its associated procedures. There is a rather dated article by Keith Cooper on his North Light Images site, but it’s not easy to follow. So those most in need of assistance with the standard free tools have been left without much assistance. So IMHO Larry has done a great service to those QTR Munki users on a tight budget, and he deserves commendation.

Does anybody know what happened to the December 17 Pre-Sale?
(*I looked for it… But, could not find it – At that time).

Thank-you! -Tim.
The next pre-sale begins on Dec 17 with deliveries beginning Mid-January. Piezography Pro ink is made in small batches in Vermont. We are conducting pre-sales until our production is at a high enough level (by mid February).

This is very useful thank you! Just starting that soon with a munki