Refurbishing epson 7880 flush before/after changing dampers?


Per Dana’s fondness of the epson 7880 I have gone out and purchased myself a second hand epson 7880 - I have checked that all nozzles are firing, cleaning up the wiper blade, the capping station. The printer hasn’t seen much use and have been sitting around for quite a while, but in what appears to be in humid conditions so the heads seems pretty decent to me! Although I have noticed that they clog randomly after doing head cleanings - but I suspect that is the old dampers with all their builtup.

I have ordered a new set of dampers, replacable carts and a gallon of piezoflush, but I was wondering what order of flushing the printer with piezoflush and changing the dampers would be ideal. I would imagine these dampers are like 4+ years old.

Would the most ideal be scenario A:
1: Install cartridges with piezoflush, and perform initial fill
2: Change dampers

Or Scenario B:
1: Change dampers
2: Install cartridges with piezoflush, and perform initial fill

My initial thoughts would be scenario A as that way the new dampers will see nothing but piezoflush and fresh piezography ink. But perhaps I am wrong? I can see scenario A also means flushing out all the stuff from the dirty dampers into the printhead - but I have already done a fair amount of head cleans so I don’t know if an initial fill will add any less/more damage?



If your not experiencing any clogging concerns, and I do believe you are not, then either scenario is fine.

You have pointed out the 2 various ways of viewing these scenario’s, if you were having clogging concerns then I would worry about any more dried up pigments getting into the head with scenario A. BUT, if you are not having any clogging issues, then Scenario A is more then safe and it will also be a bit cleaner for you when you do replace the dampers, because it will be Flush in the dampers, instead of Pigments.

Hope this helps make your decision easier!