Refilling carts with new inks


We are about to refill our carts with new inks. They are all currently filled with piezo ink, K7, Selenium. Some of our carts have ink that has gone stale due to pigment settling, so we might consider emptying them since there is not much ink left, before filling them up with the new ink. We might also consider to buy new inks with a different tone, not Selenium.

  • When filling carts used with Piezo inks with new fresh ink, how to proceed when there is ink inside the carts that we need to throw out, that might or not correspond to the new ink we are going to use to fill them up again?

  • Do you need to clean the carts before filling them up, in order to get rid of pigments, old ink, etc? If yes, how do you clean them and make sure there is no contamination with the new inks?

  • Do you need to clean the carts when you are replenishing with the same shade of an ink of a different tone? (Carbon instead of Selenium for instance)

  • What if you had piezoflush in one of the carts and now you want to add a certain ink?

  • Do you need to buy new carts every time, or just cleaning them is enough?

I am not talking about switching from Colour inks to Piezo inks, but from Piezo Ink 1 (old) to Piezo Ink 1 (new), OR from Piezo Ink 1 to Piezo Ink 2 system (different tone, K7 to K7HD, or K7 to Pro inks, etc).

Thanks so much!


You can clean the carts with distilled water. That is not a problem. Do not put PiezoFlush in them. If you are putting the same shade in (shade 4 carbon in replace of shade 4 selenium) you don’t even really need to clean the carts. Just empty and add the carbon ink. It’s good form to clean the carts if you have the time though.

Never add ink after PiezoFlush. Piezoflush = kryptonite for ink.

You do not need to buy new carts.