Refill cart and decoded problems on SC P800

I refilled the carts on my Epson Surecolor P800, pressed the reset button on the decoder board, closed the lid and printer started normal startup process. However the process stopped and display said all carts were not recognized. I reinserted carts, hit reset and closed lid. Same thing happened. Printer is useless because of this.

If all carts are not recognized, this is a cable issue.

I suggest pulling the cables from the board (gently) and re-inserting them. Check for abrasions. This error can happen if a cable was jiggled during the press of the reset.

I assume you reset the board when it was plugged in and the indicator LED was showing that it was on? Thanks for letting me know that you had the ink-bay cover OPEN. This is an important thing to do before hitting the reset button.


  1. Turn power off.
  2. Pull cables from board.
  3. Re-insert cables to board
  4. Make sure board is plugged in.
  5. Hit reset button (only once!)
  6. Turn printer on.

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Dear @wildman6 I got no reply from you on this thread. Did you try any of the suggestions that I listed? I will call you to resolve the matter shortly, but understand that our support policy is generally forum-only.

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As there has been no reply to this thread or to my calls I assume the issue is resolved.

I will keep this thread open however just in case you got busy with something else.

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Did as you recommended. Printer begins usual start practice then the display says—cannot recognize following ink cartridge (s)—with red X over each cart.

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This email reply was stuck and no forum update. What is your status?