Reds now come out orange on P600


I’ve been using Cone Inks on my Epson P600 with great results for a
while now.

Recently, I started having colour problems with my prints. Basically,
the reds come out orange.

Let’s say, on a colour chart test print image, the orange and red
squares on the practically come out identical.

CYMK test prints seem to come out fine and so do print head check patterns.

I’m running out of ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem.

Did you purposely (or accidentally) change something in your color management scheme?

Nothing changed recently.

I also tried to print test patterns using printer managed colors and again with my paper specific color profile. Both ended up with the same color problem.

Reds still come out orange. That makes my P600 quite useless.

Anybody from customer support available to help me with this one please?

So sorry for the late reply. Please send me photos of the ink bottle with LOT # and ideally a few examples of prints.

best regards,

_DSF0061 _DSF0063 _DSF0064

Here you go!

We’re sending you out a replacement VM 110mL bottle asap.

That LOT # (VM160413) was recalled a week or so after going on the shelf and we thought we had reached everyone but it looks like one got away.

First things first though, make sure that magenta is actually printing. Do a nozzle check and a head cleaning to be sure.

Please keep track of your email for the ship notice and sorry for the delay again,
When you get the bottle you will need to run two head cleanings and then run several dark magenta purge sheets on letter paper + possible one more head cleaning. At this point the new VM will be flowing.

best regards,

Nozzle checks are the first thing I tried. :wink:

Thanks for the update. I’ll keep you posted when I get the new bottle.

Do we need to check the batches of my other bottles too?

Nope. All others are ok.

best regards,


Meanwhile, is there any instructions on how to remove all the ink from my current cartridge?

I just received my new ink.

I followed your instructions and after a few flushes, the following test prints came out great.


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So glad it worked. Cheers!