Red Cast on prints

My 7800, using ConeColor inks, has pretty much always had a slight bias towards the red. But I had been printing all day yesterday, and in the late afternoon, I noticed that the red cast had gotten pretty extreme. It is so far from my recently calibrated NEC monitor that all I can do is guess for the first print, and then just keep using small print to guide me to the bigger one. I keep the cartridge shaken, at least once per week if I am not using the machine. The ink is only a month or so old. Any thoughts as to what might be happening.


David Torcoletti

And now, there is an almost “solarized” looking green in a paart of the image. And the density is much darker than it was. Yikes, this is going downhill fast…

And last, I think I have installed the cartridges correctly - I must have, to get the correct prints I have got. But is it normal for the nozzle check to start out, left to right, with matte black, then cyan, magenta yellow - essentially, positions 5 through 8, and then is followed by positions 1 through 4 (light black, light cyan, light magenta, light light black)? If this is the fluke of how they do it, fine and good.

uh oh. Slight bias towards red would be normal but solarized is not good. This looks like wrong channel.

Pull the cartridges and validate!


I hate to say, but I don’t know what you mean by “validate.”

I believe he means are the colors in the correct cartridges. Make sure Cyan is in the Cyan cartridge, light Cyan in the light Cyan cartridge, etc.

Thanks. I guess the only way to do that is to replace them all, or can one make swaths and see?

take swabs

For the last week, we have been trying to solve a red cast problem on a Epson 9800 printer using Cone inks. We are not evoking subtlety here : a black and white image will print as a red duotone !

Nozzle checks are good and it’s not a software issue as prints come out as they should when the computer using with the same Adobe/Apple/Epson combo is hooked to a 11880 printer.

Meticulous cleaning of the docking station and three power cleaning to flush «unsettled» inks did nothing … And yes, light magenta and magenta are in their respective cartridge.

We have been using Cone inks in the 9800 for the last 6 months without issue. The gradual replacement from Epson to Cone inks went “unnoticed”. Prints were (perfect) as expected. Moreover, magenta and light magenta were among the first colors to be replaced (and we have printed sufficiently since then to clear the lines on these two colors of any remnant of the previous inks).

Relevant (?) : the 700 ml magenta Cone bottle has this expiration date : 07-20-2015…

Any help/suggestion will be gladly welcome.


François and Mathieu