Red cast on print (bis)

For the last week, we have been trying to solve a red cast problem on a Epson 9800 printer using Cone inks. We are not evoking subtlety here : a black and white image will print as a red duotone !

Nozzle checks are good and it’s not a software issue as prints come out as they should when the computer using with the same Adobe/Apple/Epson combo is hooked to a 11880 printer.

Meticulous cleaning of the docking station and three power cleaning to flush «unsettled» inks did nothing … And yes, light magenta and magenta are in their respective cartridge.

We have been using Cone inks in the 9800 for the last 6 months without issue. The gradual replacement from Epson to Cone inks went “unnoticed”. Prints were (perfect) as expected. Moreover, magenta and light magenta were among the first colors to be replaced (and we have printed sufficiently since then to clear the lines on these two colors of any remnant of the previous inks).

Relevant (?) : the 700 ml magenta Cone bottle has this expiration date : 07-20-2015…

Any help/suggestion will be gladly welcome.


François and Mathieu

hey, I’m going to PM you on this w/ my contact info.