Recommended drying time for ConeColor Inks before applying varnish


What is the recommended dry time for ConeColor inks on canvas before applying a top coating? I use Breathing Color canvas and Timeless varnish. BC states that a canvas print should dry for 24 hours before applying their top coating… what do you recommend? Also what are Best Practices for reducing the drying time?

Thank you!


24 hours drying time is pretty standard for any paper. We use hair dryers to speed-dry prints when printing on gloss papers before applying the gloss finish, or any papers when needing to pack and ship the prints right away. To use the hair dryer, we use low heat and wave the dryer back and forth both directions, holding the dryer about 8-12" from the paper. Depending on paper size, I generally hold prints vertically against a wall to blow dry- this keeps the paper flat, and the vertical blowing also acts as a “dusting” method to gently blow off any dust that may have settled on the print.

I hope this helps.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: