Recommended curing period for piezo inks on digital negs for long term use

Hi there,
I would like to know which is in your experience the minimum curing period one has to assure for digital negatives to become more or less “stable”. My intention is not to print in the darkroom (pt-pd) right after the negative is printed, but weeks or even months later. In other words, I would like my negatives to be stable in time more or less, so that different prints can be done without having too many differences…

I did a series of tests in the past, but then I realized I had some pigment settling that faked the results…

Walker and other members of the forum, based on your experience which is the minimum amount of time one has to wait for the negs printed with K7-K6 inks (selenium), so that the negatives do not see their density change but marginally?

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3min hair dry + 24hrs hanging IMO.


Thanks Walker for the info!