Recommend a monitor


Hi can anyone recommend a good monitor for Piezography in the £500 range?

The EIZO CG241W 24 Inch can be had for about this price.

Currently using Asus ProArt PA245 wide gamut.

Want something that easy to calibrate as not sure i am getting the best out of Asus.



We’ve been buying Refurbished NEC Spectraviews at about 33% of List. We bought 30" Spectraview calibrator displays for $1040 each. The 24" ones about $400. Look around in UK and see if they are available. Otherwise - the Eizo is superb. Only use their calibration software with it - or you defeat the purpose of a hardware calibrator display. You can use an x-rite instrument with it, just not the x-rite software.

Your Asus can not actually be calibrated. What you are calibrating is the video board in your computer. The Eizo CG is actually adjusted internally when its calibrated - but only with its Navigator software.


It’s now August 2016 and things change quickly. Would you still recommend a refurbished NEC Spectraview, or has something else come along at an attractive price point ? Whichever you recommend: who sells them in the USA ?

Frankly I was skeptical when you pointed out the inadequacy of typical LCD monitors and video board calibration - but now that I am finally making prints where we can control the entire tonal scale, my iMac monitor and consumer-grade calibration tools have become an obstacle to print quality.

Many thanks !


NECs are great because you can calibrate them internally and they will just work with any computer hooked to them. :slight_smile:



Thank you very much - can you identify a source for refurbished NEC Spectraview monitors ?