Recently changed from OEM to cone pro inks and my problems started

hi, i bought a Cone Pro kit for my P9000, i have two machines one for MK and one for PK, i bought the kit for ma PK printer.

my first problem is gloss differential on my luster paper, i didnt have it on the OEM inks, the Magentas are a problem, i have pass the last 3 day profiling with my i1 Pro 2, and trying different options and still having problems and now i get low quality print, the images looks unsharp and kind of grany.

The Color Gamut on some paper just get worse, i dont know if i doing something wrong, i really want this to work.

please help.

update, the quality loss seems that its only happening with this paper , ink combination, i have try my other Gloss papers i use and my luster is the one with problems with Cone pro inks.

the other papers, Vibrance metallic, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta, Moab Silver metallic, work much better, crisp and sharp.

also i notice, less color gamut than oem, i attach some examples with the problematic luster and the BC vibrance, i use CPK as abbreviation of Cone Photo Black.