Reassigning an ink channel

The K channel in my 3800 has a blocked segment that has resisted more than a half-a-dozen power cleans with PiezoFlush.

The prints I want to make are on matte paper so I looked online for the method to remap the K channel to LLK in place of GO that I don’t need anyway but I have been unsuccessful. I assume it involves editing the .quad file somehow.

Is there a resource that describes how this is done?

Open the .quad in TextWrangler (on mac) or some equivilent editor.

Copy and past the 256 numbers that appear below the “#K Curve” over the 256 numbers that appear bellow the “#LLK Curve” line and then replace all the numbers under the “#K Curve” line with 0.

There you go,

Walker – Thanks. I’m on Windows and use TextPad for editing and have a .quad file right now. I figured it was something like what you describe. Easy enough. I appreciate your prompt response!

Happy printing,

Too bad there is not a way to use the two extra places on the head when one of the channels dies.
The head on the 9890 is the same one as on the one that has the 2 extra channels.
My 9890 is in great shape except the light cyan is irreversibly messed up.