Re: Z3200 using HDR Pro

Now there is a refillable cart available for the z3100/3200 platform what about using HDR Pro inkset as a replacement for the HP OEM 11 ink set and substitute the Orange and Cyan for the Blue and Red from the OEM set. the rest of the inks would be the same hue as OEM. For sure all of the profiles would need to be re managed but this is easy on the z’s. The HDR set is said to be slightly wider color gamut in certain color than HP OEM. Could keep OEM GO and recalibrate for any GD/Bronzing issues or maybe Piezo GO could be substituted? Any thoughts one way or the other? If this works maybe we could get a K6 Quadtone Rip type driver and load 2 PZ2 inksets/ with GO on this 12 channel platform? Just dreaming about this last part.


Hi Mark~ It is good to dream, and this is a great idea for sure, but will be a HUGE project for us, requiring an enormous amount of time and resources that we don’t have in the immediate future- but who knows, maybe someday? In the meantime, our carts and inks for the Epson printers we support are excellent, and we plan to continue on this path :slight_smile:

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: