Re updating software on epson stylus pro r 3800 that hasn't been used for many years

Just wondering if it is ok to update the software on the printer or if its better to leave as is with just the latest driver. Epson offer updates and various software but not sure if this is a good idea now I have installed inkjetmall carts and am about to install cone ink. Also because I have 3 Epson printers set up with various systems is it necessary to only have one printer installed at a time or can I have them all on the computer together. (Sorry these are fairly basic questions) chris 2

As a matter of course, unless you notice something wrong with how your printer’s software operates, do not update the firmware. Generally firmware updates only service to lock out third party cartridges (although there has been no reported lockout on the R3000 platform to date.)

Yes, multiple printers can be connected to one computer.


thank you hope you dont mind me asking another basic question. i have managed to put curves for K7 into correct folder for qtr yay! but I don’t see instruction for placing icc’s out of the other folder … where are these to be installed please? thanks

ICCs go into >Library>ColorSync>Profiles>

I have a pair of Epson 4800’s installed on my computer, but since they are the same model (4800) I made sure to give each a different name. One is “Color” the other is “B&W”.