Re-map epson 7900 for bad green channel

Hi Walker. This is my first try on the Forum, so I hope this is OK. I am posting this as instructed to get your help with my next steps for piezopro on my Epson 7900 running Mac OS. I completed the piezoflush. The greenchannel is still out as expected. The Light Black nozzle pattern is much better but is still not perfect. I am ready to load the piezopro inks and re-map for no Green channel.( and no Light Black channel, if you think I should not use that channel also). I have the Quad Tone Rip and QTR Print Tool installed and the Piezography Community Edition media and ink profiles loaded. I will appreciate your instructions for ink loading and re-mapping. Also, how do I know for sure that I have correctly installed the QTR curves? I downloaded the Pro K4 and Pro K5 and they show up in the folder Applications/Piezography/Curves/7900-9900-Pro-K4 and -Pro-K5, but do I also need to drag and drop the curves into a folder as I read somewhere? And do I also need to uninstall my Quad printer, and then re-install? Thanks,

All right. So LK and Green are out.

Here is your fill procedure:

MK = MK cartridge
PK = PK cartridge
GCO = LLK cartridge
Dark Grey Warm = Magenta cartridge
Dark Grey Cool = Cyan cartridge
Medium Grey Warm = Light Magenta cartridge
Medium Grey Cool = Light Cyan Cartridge
Light Grey Warm = Yellow Cartridge
Light Grey Cool = Orange Cartridge <-- This is the change.

Now, here are the re-mapped curves that you will install. Delete the curves from 7900-9900-ProK4 and put these in. Plug in printer, and double click the Install7900… command (on Mac) (16.4 KB)


Thanks very much…I’ll try tonight. Lon

Walker, I Installed the inks as you advised, changing the Light Grey Cool to the Orange cartridge, and then I installed the remapped curves you provided. I printed my first piezo pro print, but I have a pink color suggesting that the piezo flush I left in the green and Light Black cartridges is printing to the paper. Why is that? I ran a nozzle check, and I thinks all the piezo pro inks in the other cartridges are fine. Are the remapped curves wrong or did I load the remapped curves incorrectly? Also, am I to use only the pro K4 curves when I print with Print Tool ?..I thought I could also use Pro K5 curves with Piezo Pro. My paper choices with Pro K4 are only a few such as x900-K4-glossmasterV1 cool or mattmasterV1 neutral. My paper choices with Pro K5 are more numerous such as x900-Hahn-FApearl-warm etc. I must be doing something wrong. Please help. Thanks.

  1. There are only master curves for this K4 setup although I have recently confirmed that the 3880 Pro curves will actually work in the 9900 as K4s so there is your curves.
  2. Follow these instructions to re-fresh your system and install the curves again:
  3. Remapping is normally a service that we offer (but it can also be done with a texteditor very quickly and that documentation is in >Piezography>Documentation>(the manual) in Advanced Topics chapter. The service is here: