Random day to day color clogs with the 3880


Had cyan clog a few steps in the manual nozzle check. Did a automatic nozzle check and it took 15 minutes and seemed to do some cleanings as the maintenance tank got used. Cyan came back and manual check looked good. Back in business.

Next day magenta plugged and shows two missing lines. Auto nozzle check that ran a long time and it’s still plugged along with a black one now too! Did another one and that one filled up maintenance tank, but I had a new one on hand.

After all that, the magenta is back online too. Black seems okay for now too.

Any idea as to why this thing is plugging various colors from day to day, and even print to print. This was with your K3 pigment ink since the dye wasn’t lasting too well. I did a manual shake of the carts two weeks ago during a refill session so I doubt if that is the issue. I really am fearful the profiles I’m getting out of it aren’t right due to this thing plugging random colors during print runs. I do a profile, then run a manual nozzle check after that to find it’s now clogged some color. Maddening! :mad:

I’m about ready to throw these 3 Epsons in the trash and go to Canon. Any K7 inks for those yet on the drawing board?



Hi Mack~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the 3880 refill carts in Aug 2013 along with a set of InkThrift Pro dye ink bottles, then a set of ConeColor Pro ink bottles in Dec 2014.
I assume you’re using ConeColor Pro ink in the refill carts purchased in 8/13 that were previously used with dye- correct?

Have you been having good results up till a few days ago when you experienced the missing nozzles described above?
Have you manually cleaned the printer’s capping station, wiper blade and bottom of the print head, following our instructions? If not, please clean your printer following our instructions, here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?133-Printer-Cleaning-and-Preventative-Maintenance
What are the temperature and humidity levels in your printing environment?
When you refilled the carts two weeks ago, did you make sure the exit chambers were about 1/2 filled with ink before reinstalling carts?
How often is the printer used vs. how long does it sit unused?
Have any parts been replaced in this printer? If so, what and when?

No, we don’t currently have plans to develop Piezography for Canon, but that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen…

Please let me know.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: