R3800 piezoflush kit options

I purchased a 60ml Syringe, 3" blunt needle, & Priming Tip SKU: #ACC-SYR-BLNT-TIP and
PiezoFlush Solution - 110ml SKU# PZFL-110 in July, 2016. Now after just receiving
ConeColor Pro system for Epson 3800 SKU# CCP-3800-110-KIT9, I want to first flush piezoflush
through all the printheads to renovate them as much as possible since I have put about 3 to 4 complete
tankfuls of 9 OEM R3800 cartridges in since new purchase date March, 2009. PK nozzle checks bad. I ran 2 cleaning cyles. There is not enough OEM ink to allow power cleaning.
Just generally with missing color nozzle checks I’ve had and fixed I want to start as “like new” as possible.
Also I want to make as little extra expense as possible before installing the total ConeColor inks set and freshen up my aging printhead set!
Accordingly, Inkjet Mall appears to offer me 2 options in this regard. The first is purchase PiezoFlush kit for Epson 3800 printers SKU# PZFK-3800-700. I am trying to ascertain that I would have all the “fixings” I would need otherwise if I were to just purchase (secondly) ReUsable Cartridge Kit - Epson 3800 - without syringes SKU# RCS-3800-80-KIT9-NS (I have 8 syringes, tips and blunt needles in the unopened box of 8 ConeColor inks already) and a plastic funnel to fill a large format cartridge and a syringe with special fitting to prime it SKU: #ACC-BAG.

If just PK is bad and not MK (after switching to MK ink and doing a nozzle check), this means that it’s the damper ink assembly and not your nozzles that are funky. Please switch to MK first and do a check.

If it is still bad (MK and PK), it’s worth putting a full set of PiezoFlush cartridges in and doing an “init fill” with a fresh maintenance tank installed as well. Let it sit for 48 hrs and then do nozzle checks.


I switched to MK. MK was then completely blank. So I did a regular cleaning. Then both MK and PK registered sufficiently upon nozzle checks. I have not yet ordered 700 ml. PF (and a new set of dedicated maintenance carts). Also purchased a Chinese knock off of the damper assembly at the behest of an authorized Epson technician. In 2015 after unclogging a couple nozzles (with whatever he uses to do that) the 3800 has given fair to middling nozzle checks with some patterns down occasionally. I have been able to bring them back though using the 110ml PF maintenance kit and following Inkjet Mall YouTube videos.