R3000 Yellow Cartridge

I was printing greeting cards and had printed about 60 of them when I noticed a severe shift in color. I ran a nozzle check and noticed that the yellow wasn’t printing. I changed out the battery and ran several cleaning cycles to no avail. I have checked all the cartridges and cannot see any problem. The other observation is that it appears to be printing all the colors lightly. The yellow is almost invisible but if you look closely, it is very, very, light. Please help since I really can’t print anything. Thank you.

Sounds like its starving for ink.
Is there a chance that you ran the yellow cartridge dry?
Have you inspected the ink line to see if you can see air bubbles?

Is the vent tab removed from the yellow cartridge?

The vent tab was removed.
The yellow cartridge could have been run dry since my ink monitor does not function.
How can I inspect the ink line for air bubbles? I don’t know where it is. When I took the cartridge out, I saw a little intake stem where the cartridge sits, it was wet with ink.

I am going on the basis that your cartridge did run dry even though you said it could have. If it did not let me know. The ink lines run inside the printer cover from the tanks to the print head. Lift up the cover and have a peak inside to try and follow their path.

If the cartridge ran dry you can see that in the actual cartridge. It would be harmful to your print head to run it without ink. Unfortunately, Epson leaves out maintenance routines such as Power Clean on these printers to prevent their customers from easily changing ink supplies. The only maintenance tools are available are what their technicians use.

One of our customers found a Mac utility - refer to: R3000-VLM-ran-ran-out-of-ink-and-cleaned-head-line-with-imac-routine

Otherwise the PC version is more commonly known as Epson Service Adjustment Utility and is also available from 2manuals.com. We publish an instructions on how to use this utility here. While you are not needing to flush your printer, etc., you do need to run the INTIAL INK CHARGE to get rid of the air in the Yellow channel.

Read through these and you should be able to solve this.