R3000--yellow cartridge "not installed correctly"

I have ordered the cartridges and the ink and everything was working fine until I started getting the message that the “yellow cartridge was not installed correctly, press it down until it clicks into place.” I have done so repeatedly but it still will not print. Any tips?


Please share a photo of the cartridge if you would. There is a chance the chip has moved out of alignment. Also check the ink slot and look at the copper wires on the chip sensor of the printer to see if any of those are miss-aligned as well.


Ok so it’s been a year…I’ve been busy. Sorry for the delay and thanks for helping me. Here are the pictures:


Don’t know why the other two are not showing. I’ll upload them separately20191126_110304%5B1%5D

And the last…

There is a bunch of ink on the contact (cart and in printer). Clean both.


Also, THE MK is the one that is wrong, not Y. Can you photo that and show it to me?


Now it shows different cartridges not working20191126_120548%5B1%5D

Here are the other two cartridges20191126_120517%5B1%5D

The other one20191126_120633%5B1%5D

Are you suggesting I clean the metal heads/contacts with a q-tip and Piezo?

Qtip and rubbing alch. Not PIEZO! PIEZO is not a contact cleaner for metal.