R3000 wont recognize photo black

I have been able to install all the ink cartridges successfully, however the printer won’t recognize that the Photo Black cartridge is full. It keeps saying it is empty. There is no way to reset the cartridge, because ours does not have the metal dots as in your video. Please let me know how we can go about fixing this. Thanks!

How many times has the cartridge re-set? Or are these cartridges un-used for a while?

I see that you purchased a Photo Black cartridge in May of 2016 and a kit in 2017.

These chips will generally last a few years but it is always wise to get backups in place just in case. Any small voltage or surge when taking the cartridge out can not reset it properly and leave it in an empty status.

Please let me know, and we’ll get a return out for you if it is a 2017 chip. The 2016 chips are out of warranty sadly.


I had tried installing the 2017 cartridge about 6 months ago, and it has never read properly - would appreciate if you could send me another, and I can try it again. Thank you!

We’ll get you out a replacement chip today!!