R3000 Wiper blade not working?

Hi all,

I have been getting ink drips on my prints again, so I cleaned my R3000 today and noticed that there was a thick ink buildup on the edges of the capping station. When I rotated the wiper blade up to clean it it was absolutely clean - no ink on it at all. I don’t think it has been working at all. Is there some way to test it, and if it is indeed not working, can it be fixed?

Thank you!

Jamie Avera

Hi Jamie~

Hmmm… if you had a lot of build up on the capping station, but nothing on the wiper blade, it does seem possible that the wipe is somehow not engaging- which would certainly cause ink buildup on the bottom of the head, leading to ink smears and drips on paper during printing.

I am not sure if there’s a way to test the wiper to check if it’s working or not, other than removing the cover, and doing a cleaning cycle to see if it’s raising up and wiping the bottom of the head. Please understand, I can’t advise you on dismantling your printer, but can direct you to the repair manual at www.2manuals.com, and say “proceed at your own risk”.

Best regards~ Dana