R3000 - Warranty On Leaky MK Cart? - Performing Initial Fill with auto reset chips?



Hi There,

My MK cart just starting leaking. Can you check my account and let me know if there is a warranty on this cart? I did not purchase these that long ago from you.

Since these are the newer style carts that auto reset I am having no end of trouble if and when I need to do an initial fill. I have the adjustment program but as the carts are always in flux I cannot perform the ink charge because invariably one or more carts are too low. Even if I fill them up it does not help because the chip does not reset. Or is it supposed to? Any thoughts on how to be able to peform an ink charge with these newer carts?




The fault may not be the cart. The R3000 and the 3880 have a black ink selector switch that is the Achilles’ heel of these printers. It can jam, meaning no ink gets through, or that K carts drain. Google this part in these printers and you will quickly discover plenty of reports. In some cases it may be caused by too infrequent switching of MK and PK, leading to sedimentation around the switch. Other cases are apparently just a faulty part.


Hey William. Please send photos to wells at inkjetmall of the actual cart leaking and he will sent a replacement pronto. (see Brian’s explanation as well below.)

Also private-message me the purge/flush cycles you are doing.



My apologies for taking so long to reply. Here are photos of the 2 leaky carts.



Thanks. Just replied to your PM.

will be sending replacements tomorrow.