R3000 VLM ran ran out of ink and cleaned head/line with imac routine



The VLM cartridge stop printing but the usage display indicated ink available. I filled the cartridge, reset usage counter and printed a nozzle check. VLM was not present. Did multiple head cleanings (5) checking nozzle after each. All ink levels showed at least 5% available but after last nozzle check no or only a few printed lines for VLM, LC and LK. I figured a clogged print head so performed cleaning as recommended by InkjetMall (capping station, wiper blade, printhead). This effort did not solve problem… my conclusion ran out of ink (air in line) for those cartridges. Why didn’t the printer warn me “out of ink”?

Reviewed procedure and concluded I would have to charge the lines. Would borrow a PC (I am a Mac user) and get the Windows based software required. Also ordered waste tank so I would not dump ink into the printer.

Meanwhile I decided to top off all the cartridges. Found levels displayed on printer and actual cartridge levels is some case were not close. But that is for another thread.

Researching the waste tank install I came across the fact the printer would stop printing if the waste counter reached a certain number. Went to 2manuals.com and found a utility (wicreset) for the iMac around this problem when it occurred I would purchase a rest key. BUT the utility also has a Head cleaning and Ink charge capability plus some other features. No PC required.

With the waste bottle installed, all cartridge full and reset utility on the Mac I performed a Head Cleaning using the wicreset utility. Needed to get the actual printer in the head cleaning mode and prior to pushing the final OK button on the printer to perform the cleaning, I clicked on Head cleaning in the wicreset software. This is a major head cleaning and a lot of ink is used (more than the printer’s head cleaning).

Did a nozzle check after the cleaning and behold ALL printed. Must have pushed enough ink to clean the head or clear the air in the lines. Don’t know which but I am back in business. No Ink charge necessary. This post is probably more info than questions.


I think that the addition of the ink charge option to WIC Reset is relatively recent. I noticed it was there recently, and I’m fairly certain that it wasn’t there when I first started using the program. I guess it’s possible that I simply hadn’t noticed before. There are frequent updates, so it may have come in one of those, and if so perhaps there isn’t general awareness that it’s now there. I only use a couple of desktops, so I can’t be sure that it’s available for all printers.

Sounds to me like you ran out of ink, and needed the ink charge utility to charge the lines, like you would for a new printer.


Hi Marty~

Thanks for the info. I’m glad to hear the cleaning procedure thru the WIC utility did the trick, and all channel are printing again.
After reviewing your order history, I see you bought the set of R3000 refillable carts and ConeColor ink in May 2014, almost a year ago. The chips on your carts have batteries on the back, which control chip function and reset (our new chips do not use batteries, but automatically reset when the chip reads empty, cart is removed, refilled with ink and reinstalled). The chip batteries have a limited life of about a year, and can cause issues with ink level reading or reset when the batteries get old or die. You can either replace the batteries about once a year, following instructions here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/wordpress/product-use/r3000-cartridge-batteries/, or you can replace the batteries on your carts with the latest non-battery style chips, which you can get here: http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.362672/sc.18/category.122639/.f
Instructions for replacing the chip on a R3000 model refill cart can be found here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?150-How-to-replace-chip-on-refillable-R3000-cartridge

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana



Thank you for the comments. You are probably right. I have had to replace batteries (2) already. I found folding back the metal on the battery holder to be a challenge. But I do like the fact of a manual reset.

Marty G


There are pros and cons to the battery and non-battery style chips. While replacing batteries every year can be a pain, I prefer being able to manually reset chips.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana