R3000 two nozzles not functioning

I noted a color shift in by BW prints after refilling all cartridges. Noted that two nozzles were not functioning. six boxes on nozzle check print properly, two show only a few “dashes”. I noted one nozzle failing this test about two weeks ago. now after the refill, things are worse! No carts ran dry. I ran several nozzle cleaning cycles without improvement. The printer sees light use. I have not used up my first lot of inks ( two years old ; 125 ml bottles ) recently, i replaced a battery of a cart that would not register after refilling, with resolution of the problem.
Not sure what to think. With light use, I would guess against a need for cleaning due to excess ink in the capping station.To visual inspection, it seems to me rather clean. Did pigment come out of suspension? should I try to clean with cart filled with Piezo Flush as you describe???



Good grief. I think I know what I did. I have been using the refillable carts for about two years with the vent holes CLOSED with the pretty little colored stoppers. I assume I maintained a small positive pressure using the vacuum method and depressing the plunger slightly. Frequent refills to avoid running dry and it works ok until now. Perhaps my technique improved and nozzles went dry. Two head cleaning cycles and nozzle test is now perfect.
Mea Culpa. clearly noted in the instructions.
Question, and perhaps a source of my confusion. Does one need to replace the vent hole stopper to use the vacuum method to refill? I assume so.

Thanks for the update Ron, I’m glad to hear it was a simple solution :slight_smile:

Yes, if the exit chamber is less than 1/2 filled with ink, the cartridge should be vacuum filled/re-filled to get ink in that chamber again. To vacuum fill/re-fill a cartridge, the air vent hole must be sealed- but in order to print, the air vent holes must be OPEN.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: