R3000 PK cartridge not recognize

I am a longtime user of Cone inks in an Epson R3000 (refillable cartridges with ARC 2nd generation).
As of know, if Photo Black ink reading is very very low on the chip and you switch the printer to Matte Black, I 'll not be able to switch back to Photo Black.
Usual advise is when Photo Black is reading low, keep printing until it switches back to full and then switch to Matte Black!
Unfortunately, I forgot this advise, and now my printer is not able to switch back to Photo Black.
Is any solution to this problem?
Thank you in advance.

You need to print 2-5 black letter sized pages on some laser paper. This will switch the pk back to full and allow for a switch. Cheaper than purchasing a replacement chip.


Thank you very much.
I tried your advise (I printed 5 full black pages with MK), but no result…