R3000, Piezo Special Edition Ink, and Cone Type 5 paper

I’m new to Piezography Inks. Just bought a R3000, Piezo Special Edition Inkset, and Type 2 & 5 paper. I downloaded the Piezography Comunity Edition profiles for Quadtone RIP. I see there is a type 2 paper profile for the R3000 and Special Ed. ink, but no profile for type 5 paper. Somewhere on the Piezography site I recall a suggestion to try other “similar” profiles. Also on the site I saw it mentioned that the 3880 and R3000 share similar components. There are type 5 paper with Special Ed. ink profiles for the 3880. Anyone have luck using these? If not, are their any alternatives to get me started?

You might try the K7-SpecEd-PK-MASTER as this was actually built with Type 5 paper.