R3000 Photo Black cartridge problem

While flushing and cleaning my nozzles in my R3000 I encountered a problem with the PK cartridge. It seems that any time the ink supply is switched to PK ink and I try to print a file I get a message in my software that" the cartridge differs from the one in the printer". I can go into settings-printers-options and supplies-options and there i have the option to turn off different cartridge notification. If I do this any time I try to print a file using PK ink the printer automatically switches the ink back to MK and prints the file. I first noticed this when I was using carts filled with Piezoflush but now I am getting the same results with a different cart filled with ink. I really don’t think this is the dreaded ink switching problem as the printer goes thru all the processes of switching ink and shows that the ink has switched. it just seems to not recognize the Pk cartridge for some reason.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


I think you are simply requesting a media type that requires MK ink. Epson drivers like to automatically enforce ink switching due to media choice (it wastes ink and make Epson money).

Choose a glossy media type for PK and a matte media type for MK.


Nope get the same message when set to glossy paper