R3000 over-sized refillable cartridge, VLM and MK not recognized by the printer after new installation

There is no resetter for these chips (they are ARC “auto reset chip” chips). What resetter did you try to use on these? Did you use this resetter before you put the carts in the printer? This can cause short-outs.

We can get replacements out ASAP if need be but please let me know the details of your first install.


I have just installed all 9 carts for first time (R3000 over-sized cars with ConeColorPro K3 Vivid ink). it recognizes all except VLM and MK. I tried to reset all cars several times with no better results. I have then replaced VLM and MK with original Epson cars and Epson VLM & MK are recognized. So the printer is working . I think it is something wrong with these 2 VLM and MK brand new cars . All the other 7 cars are OK and working on the printer.

sorry I confused you… I didnt reset or touched the chips on the cars at all… I have just put the cars in the printers, and tried a few times , without better result. for those VLM and MK.

Alright, we’ll get replacement chips out ASAP.


Walker, thanks… .I will provide feedback as soon as I receive the replacement chips.


received the new chips. Problem solved.

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