R3000 not recognizing cartridges



I’m realizing this problem could have to do with (shame on me) low maintenance then flurries of printing.
I refilled my MK cart and I was doing so I spilled ink on the cart, I wiped it thoroughly, reset the level, then replaced it only to get the “Cannot recognize the following…etc.” I then replaced it several times to no avail. In my research to find a cure, I read something about changing the chip with another cart which I NOW understand was a stupid thing to do. But when I did so it still indicated that the MK was not functioning and didn’t affect the one that I switched it with. I switched them back to their proper carts, replaced the battery in the MK, put all the carts (3) in and now my LK PK and Mk carts are not recognized. I spoke with Wells earlier and he suggested perhaps I had static built up and recommended that I purchase a set of new chips which I did and they’re on their way. But… in the meantime if you have any suggestions and/or insights I would appreciate them.
Thank you for being there. Wilson


Hi Wilson~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the R3000 refillable carts and ConeColor ink in March, then just bought a set of replacement chips a few days ago.
R3000 chips are color position specific, so installing carts in the wrong positions, or switching chips on carts will not work (as you discovered).

Due to the age of the carts, you may be dealing with old/dead batteries, which will cause chip/cartridge recognition issues you’re experiencing- in this case new chips with fresh batteries will resolve the errors.
If the chips were not fully attached to the carts, then you could have damaged the thin wires of the chip sensors, which would cause a cartridge error. With cartridges removed, please examine the chip sensors in the printer and compare a good working one to the LK, MK and PK positions that are giving you an error.

Please keep me posted after you have tried the new chips, and let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana


Dana, As I suspected, the problem was mine. I receive the new chips and presto, the problem is solved! I sometimes forget that many problems with printing are solved by throwing money at them. :smiley:

Thank you for the help. Also I have to mention Wells. Very helpful and pleasant person.



I’m glad the new chips resolved your problem, and Wells was helpful.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: