R3000 not recognizing and increasing number of cartridges

I have been in the process of switching out my Epson cartridges with the refillable ones for a few months now. As one cartridge runs out I replace it. Everything has been going ok, but today I received a notice that the LLK cartridge was unreadable. I assumed the battery had died (I have the older cartridges, even though I bought them this year). I took out the cartridge (it was almost empty so I refilled it), I replace the battery and I reset the levels. I put the LLK cartridge back in and it told me it could not read the LLK or C cartridge. The C cartridge was an epson one. But it was pretty much empty so I replaced it with a full Epson cartridge. The printer could still not read either of them.

I shut off and turned on the printer. Same issue. I took out LLK and C. Reset ink levels on LLK put it back in with the C and then it told me it couldn’t read LLK, C or VM (refillable cart). So I shut if off and turned it on-same issue. Ive reset the ink levels, I swapped out the Epson C cart for the refillable one…nope. Now I have 3 refillable cart it cant read. And the one that started it all (LLK) I have already replaced the battery in. It has been fun. How can I fix this?

I would start by making sure you replaced the battery in the chip correctly and that the chip is reconnected flush to the chip holder on the cartridge. The batter should be flat side UP with the chip laying flat on the surface or it won’t read. Here is an article with pictures for battery replacement in these chips http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?169-Battery-Replacement-for-4900-and-R3000-Chips I would recommend you replace ALL the batteries in your cartridges so you don’t have to go through this again, this will save you the nightmare you are encountering right now.

Chances are the LLK cartridge had a dead battery OR a faulty chip and it is causing recognition errors on the Cyan cartridge. Start over from the beginning and check the battery in the LLK chip, if it’s installed correctly then you may have a faulty chip. If you correct it and you get a reading, make sure you start out with the same exact scenario you did before this mess, reinstall the Epson C and which ever VM cartridge you had installed (making sure to replace the battery IF your using our refill cart).

Let me know what you find, I hope it’s just a battery installed upside down, if not we will get you a replacement chip in the mail asap.