R3000 Not Recognizing a Full Cart

Hi Dana,

I placed all new carts in my R3000 and seemed to be working fine. The MK cartridge generated a message that it needed to be replaced/refilled. Rather than refilling it right away I switched from MK to PK and kept printing.

Now I want to go back to MK ink so I refilled the cart and told it to switch from PK to MK. The printer is telling me the cart is empty so it won’t switch. I assume the chip did not reset so the printer thinks it’s empty. Will it not reset to full because I switched to PK before refilling MK?
How do I get the printer to recognize that the cart is actually full?


Please see the red warning on the products. We put this on all our R3000 cart pages.



When I was trying to install itunes on windows 7 I could not install it at all and this problem just started after I tried to load the full cart. Please help me out of this problem.

These are totally different physical parts/machines and it was a coincidence. You need to look this up on Apple support (re: iTunes on Win7). iTunes is a legacy app and prone to problems at this point, especially with older OS’s.