R3000 New Chip Not Recognized

I have an Epson R3000 that I’ve been using refillable cartridges with. The LLK cartridge was not being recognized. Realizing that I’ve had the cartridges for a while, I figured that battery died (it happened to one other cartridge in the past). I decided to order new chips for all the cartridges.

I replaced the LLK cartridge chip and not knowing if it needed the reset, I reset the chip by shorting out the two contacts with a paper clip. The cartridge still wasn’t recognized.

I tried the same procedure with a recognized cartridge, the C cartridge. When I put the cartridge in with the new chip, it wasn’t recognized. I put the old chip back on and it worked fine.

I next tried replacing another chip but this time, I did not reset the chip. The new chip was recognized. I did this for the remaining cartridges and they were all recognized.

So obviously, I should not have reset the LLK and C chips as they are the only two that are not being recognized. Why did this happen? And is there any way I can get them working again?

This is a strange experience. I don’t believe reseting a new chip before reinstalling the cartridge into your printer would have effected the chip, or caused it to not be read by the printer. Have you tried removing + reinstalling the LLK cartridge, and/or shutting down your printer for a few minutes? So, the original C chip is working fine, but you don’t have a good working LLK chip, and all others are working fine?

Please let me know so I can help you past this and back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.

I did remove and reinstall the LLK along with shutting off the printer. It made no difference.

I ended up using the original C cartridge and that worked. With the LLK, I replaced just the battery and now that cartridge works. So I’m up and working now.

I can investigate the new C cartridge as that was one of the the two I tried resetting before I used. I can see if there’s any power in that battery.

I do agree that resetting the chip before using shouldn’t kill the battery. And it’s too much of a coincidence that the two chips that were dead on arrival, are the two that I tried resetting. It doesn’t make sense.

Thanks again,

I’m glad you’re up and running after replacing the LLK battery. Please do keep me posted with what you find, if you have questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: