R3000 MK Cartridge Not Recognized

Hi – I installed the Methodology 1 inkset on my R3000 with Inkjetmall cartridges which I filled per the instructions, but the MK cartridge isn’t recognized by the printer. Sees the old Epson MK cartridge fine when I switch. This is a newer cartridge, doesn’t have the two reset lugs. How should I proceed? Thanks! Scott

We’ll send a replacement ASAP.

Thanks for posting,

Thanks Walker – One more question: What ink (or flush?) should be in the MK cartridge for Methodology 1? I couldn’t figure it out from the chart on the website. Thanks! Scott

Piezography Photo Black Shade 1. Here’s the specs: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?171-Piezography-K7-P2-and-Digital-Negative-Curves-and-Ink-Placement-Charts

Thanks Walker.