R3000 Magenta not printing (VM)

My vivid magenta is not printing at all. I first tried using QTR with a Magenta file printing 6 pages. All pages came out empty.

Then out of frustration I used inkjetmal cleaning cartridge with an attachable syringe. I filled the syringe with Magenta ink and filled the transfer lines. Then I inserted a filled Magenta ink catridge. The Magenta now printed perfect for 3 pages then nothing. (color slowly fading)

Can the sealing around the catridge be leaking or do you think there can be any other problems with the catridge? My other theory might be that there is something wrong with the pump on the Magenta ink transfer line.

I think it’s to do with the magenta cartridge. Probably this is the air-port inlet not letting the cartridge pressurize. You are most likely getting back pressure in the cartridge. I suggest replacing the M cartridge as this can be dangerous for the head if it’s firing nozzles while starved of ink.


I tried to replace the light magenta catridge with the magenta catridge (I moved the chip.) This solved the problem. It looks like it was a problem with your catridge.

I will buy a new catridge.

Thank you very much for the support.

I bought a new catridge from you. The printer printed fine for a few pages. Then nothing from the vivid magenta line. I believe when I testet the light magenta catridge (in the post over) the printer did an initial fill procedure and I therefore got ink into the vivid magenta line.

In the end it seams like the catridge is not the problem. There most be something wrong with the ink pump/suction system on the vivid magenta line. Is this something that is possible to fix?

This is something that is possible to fix however it may be the ink supply unit or selector unit (dampers) that are at issue.

The suction unit is not per-channel like the more professional printers but sucks all the ink channels pretty much at once. If it was a problem with the sucker it would be effecting a bunch of channels I think.


Is this something a handy person could fix (I have a copy of the service manual) or should it be sent for service? The ink supply unit costs almost 250$ so if this is dead it might be a smarter option to replace the printer. The dampers on the other hand cost 4$.

R3000 damper changes are incredibly hard.

I suggest replacing the whole ink supply unit personally.

Or get a P600 or refurb R3000.