R3000 InkCharge causing printer to read no-battery cartridge error

Printer has been dormant for a year due to forgetfulness. I’ve gone ahead and installed the no-battery cartridges filled with piezoflush sitting in the printer. I got the Epson Adj Software and ran an initial inkcharge. This left the cartridges about half full. After 48 Hours, I went to run another Inkcharge, it caused my printer to state that the printer “cannot recognize the following cartridge(s). Try installing them again” All of the cartridges are marked red with a black X. I went ahead and removed each cartridge and 'topped off" and reinserted. The Printer still read each cartridge as half full/empty. I tried Inkcharge and same error message.

Note: The printer doesn’t give an error message until I run the inkcharge via the software. However, the printer still continues to show 1/2 full despite the topping off, reinsert. The software computer error message says 'ink out error"

Any idea how to get around this?

The ARC (auto reset chips) and even OEM Epson chips will give you only enough for 1 init-fill. (R3000 cartridges are incredibly skimpy on ink). You will need to physically print down the ink level on the cartridges until they reset to full (at which point you make sure they are topped off) before another init-fill.

For people needing to do more than 1 init-fill in a raw I suggest a second set of chips. It’s very good to have a second set of chips as a backup just in case a future chip gets a voltage surge as well.

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Walker, I’m wondering why this isn’t mentioned anywhere? I bought a whole second set of cartridges and was sent the ones without the battery. Did the initial inkcharge, let it sit 48 hours, and tried to run a second but got errors all over the place on the printer. Now my only option is to print until all the piezoflush is used up or shows empty, and then top off and reinsert OR i buy another set of chips with batteries.

Man, this is getting to cost more than just taking it to get flixed. I’ve bought a whole bunch of Piezoflush, and now 1/2 is gone already. I bought syringes, cartridges, etc. All this for just cleaning and maintaining my r3000. In addition, i have another set of cartridges with cone ink.

If the Cone Ink cartridges have not been used, those chips can be used for another init-fill. This is one disadvantage of the physical design of this printer (as well as the P600).