R3000 initial fill fails



Trying to get friends newly acquired refurbished R3000 to initial fill with new set of IJM carts. Hoping to not open OEM cart set packed with printer. Upon turning on printer and getting prompt to install cartridges the complete set of filled IJM carts are inserted and covers are closes. Printer begins initial fill but quickly stops with error message in red “Printer error. Turn power off and on again…” appears. Have restarted and repeat install procedure numerous times but always get the red error message. Will it be necessary to open the OEM carts and try an initial fill or is the refurbished printer malfunctioning?



The referb printer probably has a bad thermistor or circuit in the head that is disabling the printer after a certain amount of cleaning. You could try doing some purge prints on a single channel. That is a way to clear the lines (as long as they don’t currently have air in them) without init-fill.



Walker, can’t get past the initial fill printer shut down. Once the red error message appears printer will not function until a reboot which immediately restarts the initial fill procedure.


try putting the OEM carts in . . .


Will try. However if the printer does start working then we won’t be able to resell the OEM carts. I guess if the printer still doesn’t work then the printer can be returned and a replacement will have a fresh set of OEM. Oh well.


Private message me if it works on the OEMs.