R3000 head cleaning



Hi Jon, Dana, and Kelly,

I just finished cleaning the capping station and wiper for the first time. I’ve owned the printer since early February and had run off about 50 8.5 x 11 prints to date. I have just changed the VLM cartridge, and 2 more are soon to follow.

In the R3000 maintenance you describe a method using a folded Bounty paper towel soaked in piezoflush to clean the head, but with warnings that the method is invasive and much care should be taken to avoid damaging the head.

Is this head cleaning method something that should be reserved for a clogged nozzle or other printing problems? Or should this be a part of a monthly maintenance routine? Will the automated head cleaning along with keeping the wiper and capping station clean be sufficient?




From lurking around this forum, I’m fairly certain that the intent of the Bounty method is to loosen stubborn clogs on ink-line printers (such as the R3000). It should not be used regularly, and in my own experience should not be needed if you keep the capping station clean and print with enough frequency to keep ink moving. I’ve had my 3880 for 1.25 years and haven’t had anything more stubborn than what standard cleanings would get rid of. (I print at least once every 2 weeks during slow periods and maintain humidity between 30-60% even in the winter)


Hi Larry, tjncooke is correct in the assessment of our recommended cleaning procedure(s). You only need to clean the bottom of the print head when you start having bad nozzle checks that can’t be cleared with a regular head cleaning through the utility. Cleaning the capping station and wiper blade keep the ink moving freely from the head, through the capping station and into the waste pads OR waste tank. Hope this answers your question-Kelly


Thanks Kelly, that’s exactly what I needed to know.