R3000 clogged head or air in lines



I am getting one cartridge (VM) showing almost all nozzles not firing. Repeated head cleaning over several days shows no improvement. YOu used to have a video showing how to access and clean up various parts (dampers, etc), but now clicking on that link just brings up an error message. Could it be air in the line? I have the software from 2manuals and have used it with success before, but that was when I knew for sure I had air in the lines. This time it’s possible but not certain. I’d rather not run that software if I don’t have to, cuz it wastes a lot of ink. Any suggestions would be welcome. I have never disassembled this (or any) printer before, but I’m game if the instructions are clear.


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Thought I would run an ink charge procedure per 2manuals before attempting anything else. No joy. So I guess the next step is a Piezoflush. What’s the process? Do I just replace the one cartridge (VM) that’s not performing with a new cartridge full of PzF and run another ink charge? The first ink charge took 3/4s of a cartridge of ink. How much ink am I going to go thru to clear this one channel?


There’s a good chance that the head or damper has failed on this printer. How long have you had it?


I got your reply in my inbox but not posted on the forum (I will fix that shortly). I’ll post your reply here:

Purchased July, 2014. Personal use normally, can be heavy leading up to a show. Just finished printing a show in April, running thru more than 50 sheets of 13 x 19 and 50 sheets of 8½ x 11 in the process. This is my second R3000, the first one failed also failed in its third year.
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Thanks for your response.
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How would I be able to determine if it’s either the head or the damper. I’m not sure I have the competence to get into the printer to replace the damper, even assuming I could get the part. The head, of course, is prohibitively expensive. I ordered some PzF and a whole bunch of ink to run a flush on the VM cartridge. Should I abort this approach?


It’s 50/50. These print-heads are pretty tough (the same print heads that are in the 3880s) but the parts that come before the print-head and after wear out.

If it were my printer, I would keep this printer as parts backup and update to something like a P600. If it has 7 working channels (like verified working with no nozzle clogs in those other channels), someone on this list could use it for Piezography.



Not in a position to replace this printer at the moment. Ran an ink charge with PzF in the VM cartridge. Seemed to help partially. But then I noticed that all the ink carts were nearly empty, except the VM cart with the PzF in it was still full. Ran another charge, just to see if it would free up. No joy. So unless you have any other thoughts, I guess I will put the printer up on the list as a PzGy printer, sans the VM channel.


What it seems like is that maybe something between the cartridge and the head is clogged. Is this a possibility or is it simply a busted print head?


Most likely that (something between cartridge and head).

This is the ink supply unit. It’s not for anyone to replace, but many have with success. There are many threads on this forum about that. Search for “ink supply unit”



That’s good information. Thanks for that.