R3000 Chipset will not reset

Hello, I replaced the chips on all my refillable carts with new “batteryless” chips in December 2015. Since then I have refilled and topped up carts several times with no problem. Lately I have been printing a lot of black and white and my PK cart was showing low on the printer display and on the Epson monitor. Yesterday I removed the PK cart and topped it off. When I reinstalled the PK cart into the printer the cart display on the printer did not reset to full - it continued to show near empty. I have recycled the printer, disconnected the power, performed printer head checks (all heads are working fine, including the PK) - but the printer still indicates VERY low ink in the PK cart. Any thoughts on what I should do to reset the chip to full. Please note that this is a batteryless chip purchased from inkjetmall in December 2016 and there are no “reset” contacts on this chip. Thanks for any help you can provide.

One of the biggest miss-conceptions about these cartridges is that they reset when you take them out and every time you take them out.

They don’t. When the cartridge gets to a very low level you will have a few more prints left and then it was auto-reset during a print or during a cleaning. At that point the cartridge is reading “empty” and you take it out and put it back in and it will be reset to full.

That said, we recommend getting chip resetter for the R2000-style carts. They can be manually reset as well as auto-reset. When one is low on these carts, all of them are, so it’s worth refilling and resetting all of them when one is empty.

Thanks for the advice Walker. I couldn’t find the chip resetter for the R2000-style carts on the inkjetmall site. Do you have a part number for the resetter? Will I need to change the R3000 chips I presently have to use the R2000 resetter?

Sorry. I was reading that you had an R2000. The R3000 does not have a chip resetter.

With these cartridges you print until they reset. That is how they reset. Pulling them out and putting them in does not reset them.


Walker, thanks - I’ll just be patient then.

Although this is not relevant to the OP, for the record, the only carts for the R2000 that I’m aware of IJM selling were the ones that had the battery-style chips that you could reset manually with a paper clip, so there was no need for a resetter for the R2000. There was a chip resetter that worked on IJM chips for the R1900, R2880 & the R1430.

Brian_S, thanks for the comment. Walker straightened out my confusion.

“For the record” = for others who may happen across this thread.

I received an error on my R3000 that it cannot recognize my VLM. First, I removed and reinstalled. It allowed me to print once then the error returned. I then topped off the VLM cartridge and inserted only to receive the same error message again. I had purchased the auto-reset cartridges. What else can I do to resolve this?

What does the exact error say?