R3000 & CCP Cartridges & PiezoFlush question/help

Hi All,
I own a Epson R3000 that has Cone cartridges installed were filled with CCP inks, and unfortunately used sparingly so two of the ink channels may have dried up.
I did try a few Epson machine type head cleanings to rectify the issue, and in failed attempts may have induced air into the supply lines. I researched a few possible solutions via these forums, and decided to try filling all the cartridges with PiezoFlush and flushing with the Epson Adjustment Utility (the WIC from 2manuals.com and I used the Mac version of the software). The print head and supply lines now appear to be unclogged and working based on a print head test. The issue I have is that I filled all the cartridges with PiezoFlush via the vacuum method, flushed the lines and now my Cone cartridges still have PiezoFlush in the exit chamber. What do I do about this? The exit chamber is confusing to me because it looks like it’s always full? I look forward to your support.

Please explain how your color carts ended up with Piezoflush in the exit chambers of the cartridges? Can you post a picture of this as well?

If you filled your ConeColor carts with PiezoFlush to flush your printer’s internal ink system, then you should NOT reuse these carts with ink, as you have contaminated the ink by mixing it in the cart with PiezoFlush, and it will not produce accurate results.

Hi Kelly & Dana, I filled the cart with PiezoFlush because in a previous email question that Jon responded to and recommend that I use distilled water then the flush. I just assumed that after unclogging the print head that ink could be refilled again.

it’s ok if flush has a little bit of ink mixed in for flushing your printer, but you do NOT want any flush (or any other liquid/chemical) in your ink, because it will dilute and contaminate your ink.
You should use a fresh set of carts for ink, and keep the current set for PiezoFlush.

Hi, I’ve ordered a new set of cart which are on the way. I know the printer still has PiezoFlush in the supply lines. Do I just fill the new cartridges with their specific color/shade, install and just perform an machine fill or use the software adjustment utility to purge the ink lines of flush and fill with new ink? Please tell me what to do with the previous carts that now have some small amounts of flush in them. Thx

Hi Dana, I filled and installed the new R3000 cartridges, and did the initial fill via the WIC utility. My printer appeared to be is back to normal after having printed a few targets and prints. The prints do seem to have a slight red/magenta cast to the images, any thoughts? I also would like your instructions for now storing the set of cartridges I filled with PiezoFlush to clean the head and supply lines with. Do I store them with PiezoFlush?

If you still have some initial pink staining from the PiezoFlush in your ink lines it will dissipate eventually. A second INITIAL FILL uses a lot of ink but will rid it quickly… If your magenta cast is instead a color management issue - are you printing using the recommended color workflow? Hard to say with what you wrote if the magenta cast is from the pink PiezoFlush or your workflow.

If you have a set of carts with PiezoFlush filled into them. Just seal the vent and store them upright.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. Please post a link or tell me where to find the “recommended color workflow” documentation. I sure hope that I’ve read this already and are following the procedures, but if not…

I was referring to the workflow recommended by Epson for your printer model. Color cast if it is so, can be introduced by not following the recommended workflow or using ICCs without using the correct settings, etc… It should be directly in the Owners Manual

Here is a link to Epson’s R2880 as they provided on their R3000 page. They use similar engine…